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How to buy fitted suits for bulky men?

Summary- Bulky men face the problem of looking fat in suits. For them making the right selection of the suits is very important. Hence keeping in mind some simple factors is very important.

Fitted suits have been in fashion for some time now. When it comes to wearing suits, this fashion sense of individuals is even more elevated. For those who have a bulky figure, selection of suits often becomes a problem. They simply do not understand how to make the selection of the suits. They often buy suits which do not make a good fit for them. This makes them even more bulky than they originally are. This may hamper the confidence level of the person to a great extent. As a result what one can do is to make the decision of buying the suits keeping a few simple facts in mind.

Selection of the fabrics

One of the biggest factors that you will have to keep in mind is the fact that one must select lighter fabrics for their suits. This will enable them to make the best purchase of the suits. The thicker the quality of the fabrics, the more bulky you will look wearing them. That will make you look full than you originally are. Hence when making the selection of the fabrics avoid the thick wools and instead opt for the lighter ones.

Selection of colors

This is another important issue that has to be considered by an individual. The darker colors are the ones which are recommended for the bulky people. These colors give one an impression of looking slim. This is therefore very helpful for the people with a huge frame. Black, navy blue or dark blue are the colors which can be selected by an individual for the purpose.

Design selection

Vertical stripes are recommended for the bulky individuals. This gives them an elongation feel. This will also reduce the effect of their looking bulky than the others. A two button jacket is the best option for the bulky men. The vent of this jacket must be kept single. This will enable you to move properly and freely. This will also increase your comfort levels to a great extent.


Many people often look at the price of the suits while making the purchase of the fitted suits. This can be considered while making the purchase of the suits. However one must also remember that buying suits from good companies will ensure that you will be getting the best materials for the suits. That will also reduce the way you look. Hence it is very important that you buy a good suit from a reputed company. Hence it is better to avid buying the suits of bulky men from less reputed companies. Spending a little more money on the suits and buying them from a good shop is the best solution for your needs.

Therefore these are some of the factors to consider while buying fitted suits for bulky people. This will enable them to make the best purchase of the suits and enable them to look good.  They will look less bulky and will also look impressive. This will help them earn the praise from their friends.

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