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Solid color options for men's shirts

Summary- White is not the ultimate choice for the shirts of men. Other colors can be opted for by considering the hair color and skin tone of the individual. That will help to select better shirts.

Solid color mens dress shirts means only selecting white shirt for men. This is the most common idea when people select shirts for themselves. But this is a wrong idea that most people have. They think that this is one of the easiest ways to create a formal look for them. They also believe that white shirt gives them a radiance which other colored shirts will fail to give. This has led many people to buy only white colored shirt whenever they are told to buy solid colored shirts for their needs.

However while buying the shirt there are aspects which have to be taken into consideration by the men. That is the skin tone and the color of the hair of the men who will be wearing the shirt. This has to be considered beforehand so that they buy the perfect shirt for their needs. Or else there are chances that the shirt will not suit them. For example what will happen when a fair skinned man will wear a white shirt? There are more chances that people will be focusing their attention on his shirt rather than on his face as he would have hoped. The white does not enhance his lighter skin color. Instead it grabs all the attention to itself. Despite the individual having light skin, the white shirt is even more lighter and hence gets all the attention.

To avoid this kind of situation where your shirt gets all the attention and you get none, one must select those colors which will bring out the radiance and charm in your face and people will look more at your face rather than at the shirt. Color like blue is a must have for every male in their wardrobe. This blends perfectly with the skin tone and hair color of any kind. It does not undermine your glamour. Rather it helps in accentuating it. Hence having a solid color shirt in blue is very helpful for most males. The blue which is neither too dark and neither too light is the best answer for the kind of blue that one can wear to highlight their face. Men who have tan or olive colored skin tone can wear darker colored shirts in blue. Depending on the color of your skin, make the selection of the blue shirt for your needs. The men who have fair skin can opt for any kind of blue as all kinds will suit them easily. The men who have light skin and light colored hair must settle for light and soft colors in blue. This will help in the generation of a balance.

Hence this is what an individual must keep in mind while buying shirts for his needs. This will enable the person to get the best shirt to suit his needs and also enable him to look good in it. This also highlights the fact that white is not the only option as there are other solid colors which will look equally good on the men.

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