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Mens Modern Suits

Summary: The modern suits are the new slim-fit that are entirely differently than a general suit of olden years. Modern suits are not like traditional ones, cut in a restrictive manner and should never fit tightly, but they are cut in a manner that hugs your body or give you a tight fitting look, giving a more flattering silhouette and actually affording you more mobility than loose-fitting attire. Pay attention to the details when you are going for your cloth shopping and you can see how the overall feel of the dress. A suit is not just a piece of cloth and knowing what design detailing create that unique modern cut garment will help you make sure you are buying a dress that is contemporary and has a long lifespan in your wardrobe.

Jacket Fit

The overall fit of the suit jacket has taken a more form-fitting shape in modern suits. The shoulders of a modern jackets should be unpadded and about an inch narrower than they used to be. Shoulder pads are out of fashion and have been for a while in the fashion trend. Note the way the modern slim cut jacket fits the shape of your shoulder and the ease of arm movement that this allows. The front panels of the coat should feel thinner and slimmer due to thinner canvas and lining materials. The jacket should have a natural "fall" to it and should not feel too much tight.

Suit Cut

The modern suits should also have a smaller footprint in addition to its trimmer silhouette. In olden days, suits were boxy and the jacket was expected to cover your rear-end. A modern day dress should be about an inch shorter than those from a decade ago should. Look for the bottom of the coat to fall halfway down your buttocks. Sleeves are easily alterable by your clothing store's tailor, but note that coat sleeves have now become bit shorter than the traditional wearing. You can show a half inch to an inch of cuff, and have the coat sleeve fall at or just above your wrist in modern suits

 Design of Jacket 

Note the way a modern day dressing falls on your shirt/tie combination relative to the way they used to work together. That contemporary suit will have narrower lapels, keeping in proportion with the slimmer ties that are in fashion. You will also see a lower button, exposing more shirt and tie. Two button suits are timeless and fit with modern trend, while three button suits are not much in trend.

Trouser Fit

Fitting with the modern fit of the coat, the fit of trousers has also trimmed down to a more form-fitting style. Flat front pants are the current trend, but pleats are seen in both kind of dressing depending upon your shape. Ensure that the pant leg follows the shape of your legs and never becomes to billowy.

Trouser Tailoring

The traditional rule of thumb was that suit pants should fall directly at or above the heel of your shoe, but this has changed now. In modern suits trouser should fall just below the top of the shoe back. This allows for the sophisticated look. 

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