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A brief history of paisley suit and fashion

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Paisley suits are one of the fashion industry's most former and iconic choices to date, you know. The revival of this adorable pattern just a decade ago was one of the most welcomed fashion trends amongst modern upscale men. Before a century, there were only paisley shawls, but today you can have paisley pants, paisley ties and even paisley linings. There are actually numerous reasons why this attractive print continues to line the fashion ramps and catwalks and what it exactly does for a fashion conscious individual. When you dive deep into the history of paisley suit and fashion, you will certainly be overwhelmed and want to incorporate at least one or two in your closet. Wearing a fashionable paisley suit was once considered feminine, but today that thought is completely erased.

Everyone from common man to renowned Hollywood star prefers wearing these suits for any kind of occasion, you know. The eternal nature of these suits means that they are always the finest clothing option when you want to look smart and stylish. Stylish paisley suits are an invention of the 20th century brought upon by the evolving fashion trends in the industry. The paisley suit in the early 20th century was completely different than today's modern unique paisley suits, indeed. But the craze for this suit is constant, irrespective of the fashion changes. The advent of these patterned suits has actually rocked the entire fashion world with the power of the atomic bomb, you know. Even though they are little bit classic and retro-grade, you could definitely benefit from incorporating into your closet.

Throughout history men from royal families were appeared in floral suits and exposed their uniqueness. The inclusion of branded paisley suits into the Hollywood industry and the changes in trend they brought were one of the main reasons why mens paisley suits became increasingly popular and demanded over the years. Fashion designers of that time didn't know that these patterned suits would cause a great excitement on the fashion industry. Not just excitement, it was a revolution. They gradually introduced men fashion models and actors in paisley suits and waited for the response of audience. The end result was better than what they actually anticipated.

I hope you have heard something about veteran American actor Gary Cooper who won Academy award for the best actor twice and had many nominations for his career achievements. Actually he was the first one appeared in best quality paisley suits in the 20s and 30s and his striking appearances catapulted the patterned suits to success. He said in a television interview that he had received over 40,000 fan letters that time. He actually set the trend and from that moment onwards party paisley suits became popular and seen widely on many grand events and occasions. In the 50s, designers gradually started to incorporate fine details and embellishments on the suits to make it perfect for sophisticated and luxurious events. They tasted success in their attempt too. They came up with designer paisley suits that became a form of sensual self expression and popular culture in English movies, fashion ramps and fashion magazines.

paisley suit and fashion

They, as a fashion symbol, were immortalized by setting extraordinary world records. Formal paisley suits and casual paisley suits were made later by Edith Head, American Costume designer for Mr. World beauty pageant. These suits actually won the world record for the most eye-catching and appealing outfits that could make any man look smarter and attention-grabbing. After this world record, he was considered to be one of the most influential and great fashion designers in cine industry till his death. Even today, he is remembered for his extraordinary works and career achievements. The first paisley suit he created was sold at an auction few decades back and it fetched US $10000, you know. The suit won the Guinness world record for the most attractive and intricate patterned suit too.

Paisley trend is here to stay and is expected to set more world records for sure. If you would like to look and feel great on all your occasions, opt for paisley suits on sale that are second to none in quality. They actually have a definite fashion advantage over other clothing articles as they hold excellent details and attractive decorations. These days, there is an array of paisley suits on discount that could be used from year to year and season to season. Whether you want to look modern or traditional, it is always great to have an appreciation for the history of this iconic clothing article. Many people do have a common misconception that paisley suits are to be worn by women alone, but indeed they could be worn by men of all ages and from all walks of life. You can accessorize them any way you like and achieve the desired look for your individual occasion.

If shimmer and sophistication is your preference of style, opting for an expensive paisley suit may suit you exceptionally well. Today they are the most sought after clothing choices in the fashion industry, as paisley pattern is always in style. They have been an indispensable clothing article with the pattern and style telling a history in themselves. The adorable and intricate pattern could express an individual's affiliation towards a specific fashion taste, desire and preference. Even to this day, wearing a wedding paisley suit could spell elegance and excellence. They have now turned into a high street fashion choice even though these intricate styles have evolved from a rich heritage. Wearing a paisley suit could be extremely beneficial in so many ways for both formal and informal settings. When styled right, they make you feel authoritative and attractive, which would work wonders in putting you in the right mindset for your individual occasion.

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