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In the list of pants which have been regarded with caution, white slacks would top the list. If one dared to venture into the world of white pants, they were considered to be wild and adventurous. However, men need to realize that they are within the realm of everyday fashion and they are nothing new. They can be experimented with ease just like the other colors and they offer a practical comfort during the summer. Though they can be easily worn all year round, they are the best for the warmer days as the white tends to keep you cool in the sun. White slacks can be easily dressed up or dressed down and paired with almost any other color. The fabric of the slacks can be cotton, cotton blends or linen.


This is the most important aspect that you need to pay the most attention to. Usually, ill fitting pants are never a good sight, but when it is a pair of white slacks, the ill fitting aspect is even worse. Make sure that they are slim fitting throughout, and are hemmed with very little break. They should be of ankle- length to mid- boot length and should fit around the waist perfectly. Tapering around the bottom of your legs creates a cool look, especially if you team them with loafers or you decide to go sockless. Always try on the pair of slacks before buying and ensure that they are comfortable to move around in.

white slacks


The color white is like a blank canvas where you can paint it as you wish and therefore you need not stick with the basic matching colors like grey or a navy blue t-shirt. White is a neutral color and therefore you can get creative and use it to experiment various color combinations and looks.

All kinds of colors like pinks, soft greens, lilacs, pastels, yellows, reds, blues, and virtually everything can be complimented with white slacks. They look great with all sorts of patterns like gingham, stripe, floral, plaid, checkers, and even flowery patterns.

White slacks can be teamed up with the hard to match summer blazers of unconventional colors and types like brown linen, navy cotton plaid, bright checkers, light colored tropical ones etc.

You can get as adventurous as you want when it comes to teaming your summer shirts and blazers with your white slacks. Experiment with various colors and patterns to get a variety of looks.

You can wear printed button down shirts with white slacks to once again form a cool, sophisticated look. They can be paired with suede shoes to form a classic outfit.

Dress it down by wearing white slacks with a dark t-shirt and casual loafers. You can layer it with an open shirt or a thin cotton jacket and sport cool eyewear and bracelets.

White slacks always look great with classic blue denim shirts. Wear them half tucked with a dark t-shirt underneath the shirt or the shirt individually. Pair them with suede shoes or brogues for an urban look.

An easy smart casual outfit can be created by wearing white slacks with a light colored dress shirt and a lone waistcoat. Instead of the waistcoat you can substitute an open blazer and still look elegant. This is a look appropriate for semi- formal events.

Light blue chambray shirt can be paired with white slacks to form a casual look. Finish the look with some dark suede desert boots and a metallic wrist watch to look elegant and trendy.

Wear a funky, bright colored or patterned t-shirt along with loafers or sandals and for a casual Sunday afternoon summer look.

Wear the white slacks with a bold colored or a patterned double breasted blazer and a dress shirt to create a dressed up look. Team the look with monk straps or wing tip shoes and create a classy look.

Take advantage of white's versatility and allow your style quotient to get hotter than the summer heat. There's nothing like a pair of pants that can go with almost anything and can be worn during almost any season.

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