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Band Collar

A Band Collar is a band shaped cloth that goes around the neck folded and unfolded. It can be any height or stand but the usual size is below two inches, so that it doesn't push up into the chin. There are several types of Band Collars and they are Button down Collar, Point Collar, Mandarin Collar and Spread Collar. A variation in shirt collar gives you specific style. You have the option of trying with different types of color. A band collar is a fitting attachment to the shirt which makes it look more even. New types of collar arise with respective to trend but the current type doesn't change. There are many changes that come to the market every hour. Be updated on the recent thing that's pertinent to fashion and project a fashion forward look.

Button down Collar:

The button down point collar is usually seen on casual shirts. These collars have two buttons at the ending point of the collar. This collar can be worn successfully with a tie. It looks cool in striped and solid shirts.

Point Collar:

Best suits for the today's hipster who wanted to project themselves with great style and this is best suited for shirts worn with tie and bow ties. It is little similar to the button down collar. Point Collar is a formal shirt usually worn during business meetings and at work place. It looks elegant in both solid and striped shirts.

Mandarin Collar: It looks sort of Chinese style and it is not folded type. It was worn by the famous Indian politician Jawaharlal Nehru and also used in many notable movies. Mandarin collars were also used in combat uniforms such as British Army, US Navy and US Marine Corps. It is very flexible and looks masculine.

Band Collar

Spread Collar:

Spread is usually not worn with a tie and it is not a good outfit worn with tie. The other name for this collar is cut away collar. This collar looks flamboyant and sets a stylish appearance.

Is it necessary to buy Shirts with specific collars?

Shirts with specific collars suits for everyone. The main thing people need to understand is that each collar gives you unique style regardless of your appearance. It is always up to you to choose the right one, but in reality sense it is always good to choose a shirt with appropriate color and style. You can also buy the same with all collar types if you are not pretty satisfied. Satisfaction is something you like and you wear, it is not about gambling with all the options you have.

Does color matter in choosing collars?

Color doesn't have much impact on collars and it has nothing to do with. You can try a range of colors corresponding to shirts, but they all look the same. It is always advisable to choose the one which you prefer and like. But when the color of shirt and color is different, it becomes semi formal and more sort of a casual shirt. You can always go by your preferred choice of color when you buy shirts. There are always plenty of options available and indeed you can find your preferred one.


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