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Bright Shirt

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Since we have opted to wear a bright shirt for a summer party this time, it is important to know how to dress up completely without making a fashion blunder. While dressing up for a party, you will have to think about a few bright colors that will suit your skin and looks so that you can shortlist them and keep them in your mind while you go shopping.

Another important thing to know while getting a bright shirt is to choose a plain shirt or a bright shirt with patterns or designs on them. A combination of two bright colors or combinations of a bright color with a dull color are the two other choices that you can look out for. Consider the fact that a color that lies closer to your face has the highest amount of influence in your over all look than the colors that lie away from your face.

It is a good choice to keep things around your face look as best as possible if you need that smart guy in casuals look. If you have any doubts about what kind of bright shirts to choose from, you will first have to settle down with a color that is friendly with your face. You may try out a few colors that your friends might have with them to get a basic idea about the colors that goes well with your face.

While plain shirts can make a good choice a few bright colored printed or patterned shirt can also be a good choice that will single you out from the crowd. Get settled down with a color or a shade that will work well on you and then choose your pants that will go well with it. The basic rule while selecting a pant for a bright shirt is to avoid bright colored pants.

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