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French cuff dress shirts

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For decades, the French cuffs have always given a great dose of chic and classic style to men's formal wear. It has been the choice of many for special events and ceremonies. They are an art of style- one has to earn it. With this trend showing up a lot on the red carpet, it is one of the perfect garments for any formal occasion.

What are French cuffs?

French cuffs are nothing, but shirt cuffs that have a "folded over" look, with the closure being detained shut not by a pin or button, but to a certain extent a stud, a knot, or cufflinks. Around the wrist, they will be noticeably thicker and in some cases it will be of a different color (however white, generally) with the base color of the shirt, along with the collar.

How to wear a French cuff?

It is not that difficult to bring out the style you are expecting to venture unless and until you are equipped with things that will help you in wearing a French cuff as it's meant to be.

Making sure that the cuffs are unfolded completely put on the shirt, button down the center portion and you ought to notice that the sleeves reach out past your hands. Pleat the suspended fold of one sleeve over the hand and once more on it, making a sleeve. Do again this with the other sleeve.

French cuff dress shirts

On to each side of the cuff, trace and support the two buttonholes. In order to fasten the cuff together, place a cuff link through the hole and do the same with other sleeve as well.

As you dress up and put on your jacket, ensure that the cuff remains extended and visible. This will happen naturally, if in case you end up having it wrong, then it means that the shirt and jacket size and fit are wrong.

Buying guide

Just like standard dress shirts, French cuff dress shirts are made available with two types of cut i.e., the traditional (standard) cut or an athletic (slim-fit) cut. Consider your need and the look you wanted to exude. Tapered to a narrower waist, if you've broad shoulders, then considering this cut would be wise because it accommodates the shoulders while eliminating bulk at the waist. On the other hand, traditional and standard dress shirt is cut with a straight body from the bottom of the armhole to the hem.

With all that said, irrespective of all other things you have to buy the correct fit of neck size, ensure that it is large enough so that you can comfortably button the top button in case if you are wearing a tie. Additionally, also ensure that the sleeves are long enough to cover the wrist when the arm is extended. Finally don't forget to iron your shirt because shirts that promises to be wrinkle resistant will not only help you look good, but will elevate your status and yield good respect for you.

Fabric choices:

With a range of fibers, weaves and blends, your shirt selection with regards to fabric choices should be based on the desired appearance and seasonal comfort.

Unusual combinations of along the length (warp) and crosswise (weft) threads produce various fabric textures. Together with the standard material types, Oxford cloth, twill poplin and broadcloth are some of the fabric choices that you can enjoy with dress shirts, so ponder on every material type and go with the one that best suits your requirement. .

More than just solid colors and basic styles, French cuff dress shirts are available in a variety of patterns and styles. Following are the choices you will be provided with and it includes:

  • Spread collars or wing collars
  • Banded collar (collarless) shirts
  • Rounded or square corners on cuffs
  • Prints such as stripes, paisley, and pin dots
  • Convertible cuffs that can fasten with buttons or links


A fashion look receives wholeness or fullness as you accessorize yourself. Cuff links, neckwear and simple jewelries will add up to your overall look.

Cuff links and neckwear:

Whether engraved with initials or embellished with stones, cuff links are a great item that will help you to express individual fashion tastes. Shirt studs together with cuff links are also a good idea to exude your individuality.

Reflect your hard-charging attitude in style with the extension of modish links! It is quite difficult to pull off that attitude you are looking to venture when you are wearing formals, but now, with very less difficulty you can make the best crack at it by adding cuff links. Creating a fashion ensemble, it is sure to bring out that masculine elegance.

Classified under the category of centerpiece of a gentleman's wardrobe, neckties are a stylish shine to your seem. Though it is overlooked often, a well-chosen necktie instantly draws the attention and they are available in an assortment of colors, style and patterns.

Given the primary options to choose from, you can decide between solid, striped, paisley, or geometric patterned. Along with the personal taste and preference, make sure that you match it with the dress shirt. Having said that, under almost all state of affairs, a dress shirt that is worn for office with a tie should have long sleeves.

Dress shirts for office

Dress shirts vary by style, size, fit and features, hence selecting the right fit, size and style in a dress shirt is a vital part of maintaining a professional image and looking good on the job.

Note- Consider the button down and always pin down your patterns, when it comes to French cuff dress shirts.

If you are planning to attend any formal occasion in the near future, then don't forget to try on French cuff dress shirts. Overall, to sum up, it gives a sophisticated look without compromising style. Discover a variety of French cuff dress shirts for men including cuff links, tuxedos, dress shoes and men's formal fashion accessories at

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