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  Tuxedo :: Men’s Pinstripe Suit USA
Men’s Pinstripe Suit USA

Black Pinstripe Suits Shadow Pinstripe Suits
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Navy blue pinstripe suit Olive green Pinstripe Suits
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Boys Pinstripe Suit Gangster Pinstripe Suits
Zoot suit pinstripe suit Burgundy pinstripe
Ton on ton stripe Navy blue pinstripe suit
Olive Green pinstripe suit Charcoal gray Pinstripe Suits
Bold Pinstripe Suits Slim Stripe Suit
Pinstriped Dress shirt

Information About Pinstripe Suit

Pinstripe Suit:A sharply tailored suit with a subtle pinstripe, made from superior quality fabrics for an exceptional finish. The two-button jacket has slanted pockets and three-button cuffs, and is beautifully lined in good fabric, with striped sleeve lining and hand stitched finishing. Inside you'll find two breast pockets and a ticket pocket. Trousers have a single pleat, classic front pocket, button through hip pocket, belt loops and plain finish edges. Pinstripe suit comes in various colors and choices. If you are a regular buyer of pinstripe suit then you need to try colors like navy or black pinstripe suit. A navy pinstripe suit makes you looks stunning. Black pinstripe suit shines in bright light. Black and white pinstripe suit is elegant for formal meetings. Blue pinstripe suit is ideal for prom or other parties. Dark grey pinstripe suit is suitable for Business meetings and business outings. Yellow pinstripe suits are for vacations. It's great for visits to places with large gatherings. Red and white pinstripe suit looks great when you are in weddings or dinner outings. Navy blue suits are for Business class flyers. It looks stunning when you are travelling long distances. White pinstripe suit is great for nightouts, pubs etc. Navy blue is for the gentleman in you.

Men's Pinstripe Suit, with varieties such as a business suit, two-piece suit, and three-piece suit or lounge suit consist of a set of matching clothing consisting of: A coat commonly known as a jacket, A pair of trousers, Optionally, a waistcoat ( USA vest). A two-piece Suit or lounge suit is one missing a waistcoat; a three-piece Suit has one.

Enhance your style & persona with Pinstripe Suit USA

Enhance your business attire with the everyday elegance and handsome style with Black and white Pinstripe Suit. Pinstripe Suit USA , A nice alternative of your conventional dressing gives you an elegant look. The classic styled suit ready to match your personality. Change your persona in dashing looks and stylish appeal with Pinstripe Suit USA

Pinstripe tuxedos, double-breasted jackets and three-piece suits have become more visible in USA. Younger generations have started requesting these more traditional looks of Pinstripe Suit

Pinstripe Suit and tuxedo USA gives fresh and sophisticated look with comfort and versatility. The well-tailored pinstripe suit speaks at the same level of power as a lion's roar. And that's not just a statement for gentlemen. Today, Pinstripe Suits put out a polished, professional message.

Pinstripe Suit USA - Go-anywhere with your unmatched style

 Type of Pinstripe Suit

  • 5 Buttons Super 140's Wool Navy Blue Pinstripe Suit
  • Men's Fashion Pinstripe Suit
    • Black & White, Navy & White, Charcoal & Pick, Plum & White
  • Men's 100% Wool 3 Button Small Super 120's Pinstripe Suit
  • Men's 3 Buttons Vested 3 Pieces Super 150's Wool Charcoal Pinstripe Suits

Why Pinstripe Suit ?

  • Superb fabrics
  • Subtle stripes
  • superior linings
  • Pleated trousers
  • Light to wear
  • Various color
  • Fascinated color combinations
  • Stylish look

Things to be considered while buying men's suits

  • The right fabric
  • The suitable Suit
  • Color and Style
  • Well Tailored Suits
  • Jackets and Pants
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